Posted by: cyujun | January 31, 2008

When one face means so much

“Consider this hypothetical. It’s November 2008. A young Pakistani Muslim is watching television and sees that this man—Barack Hussein Obama—is the new face of America. In one simple image, America’s soft power has been ratcheted up not a notch, but a logarithm. A brown-skinned man whose father was an African, who grew up in Indonesia and Hawaii, who attended a majority-Muslim school as a boy, is now the alleged enemy. If you wanted the crudest but most effective weapon against the demonization of America that fuels Islamist ideology, Obama’s face gets close. It proves them wrong about what America is in ways no words can.”

This is the second time I am writing about Obama – got to respect the man.

I personally believes he represents hope not just to Americans, but to the world. This is the man who can end the Iraq war, maybe reverse the trend of terrorism and focus America’s strength in the right things – healthcare, cleantech, poverty, world peace… just a random thought from someone who has no say in the issue anyway :p

Update – “Republicans for Obama” – the universal appeal of the man, and why it is important as a leader to think about the future as much as he must grow the present.

Check out Obama Girl – :P

Check out ‘Obama Girl Returns’ too! Now imagine… LKY Boy! haha…

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